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Play your favorite songs, amaze your family and sit behind any piano with confidence. Let us show you how.

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Play your favorite songs, amaze your family and sit behind any piano with confidence. Let us show you how.

Takes Less Than 30 Seconds


(ages 9+)

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Watch your child's confidence soar! Piano lessons are meant to be fun and engaging, not stale and boring. If you are looking for fun lessons for your child, you've come to the right place. 


Let them be proud of themselves! Your teen will be able to have a say in the songs they play. This way, they'll be excited to practice and show their friends what they've learned!


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Discover how easy it is to play your favorite song. It's stressful learning something new. But believe it or not, you actually have some advantages learning piano as an adult.

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Step 3. Come to lessons and start playing the song you love.

Tame the Piano Beast Once and for All!

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Our Students Love Their Lessons

and So Will You

"(My son) is very happy and excited to go to lessons every week..." 

"Sara of Chatalbash Lessons has a way about her that is comforting and patient with her students, but at the same time, a bit strict in her approach.  In my opinion, this philosophy will go a long way towards achieving a future goal that a student may have, both musically and with life in general.  


Sara is extremely patient while a student is learning a new piece, and so very excited for the student when he or she "gets it".  If a mistake happens during a performance, she takes time to offer encouragement for the next time.  

My 13 year old son has only been with Sara's studio since November 2017, having started his learning "career" with a local music store only 1 1/2 years prior to that.  We decided we wanted a second opinion. We are so glad we did.


Sara had some very good feedback on things that our son could be doing differently, or in a way that would ensure his continuing progress as he learned, and at the same time, ensuring that he was learning properly and mastering each phase of his playing abilities - All while HAVING FUN. Deficiencies in his technique were corrected, and he is an all around better pianist on this date .... all in just over 2 months.

My son has one word he wants to use to describe Sara - "Passionate". He is very happy and excited to go to lessons every week. 
With Sara's guidance, my son is having fun learning, but at the same time, is pushing himself a bit further than he may have at that music store.

Chatalbash Lessons is like part of your family - I am very happy we made the switch and would highly recommend Sara Chatalbash for your student."


Regina C, Levittown, Long Island

"I wouldn't be close to as good as I have gotten without her guidance..."

"I have been taking lessons with Sara for almost 2 years now.  When I first started I pretty much knew nothing about playing the piano. 

I chose Sara because she not only teaches children but adults as well. 
Sara has a great personality that can mesh with any age group.
She has a very effective way of getting her teaching point across and making sure you not only pick up on what she is teaching you but that you improve each and every week.   


She also puts on a recital every Christmas and a backyard get together every summer as a way to help build self-confidence and show friends and family what you've learned. 

I wouldn't be close to as good as I have gotten without her guidance.  
If you are serious about learning to play the piano you won't find a better choice for your teacher anywhere.


- Jeff F, Long Beach, Long Island

"Her music teacher in school has her play in front of her whole class (which has boosted her self-esteem enormously)..."

"About 5 months ago my 7 year old daughter asked me if she could take piano lessons.  No one in our family plays to teach her, so i took to the internet to find a local teacher.  

I came across Sara and contacted her - it was a random blind pick on my end, but she got back to me and seemed really happy to meet my daughter and see if it would be a good fit. 


We went for the Q&A call my daughter instantly was not only very comfortable with but LOVED Sara.  She was instantly ready to take lessons!  


Fast forward 5 months, Sara's holiday recital was a blast, my daughter played in front of a LOT of people, she can play 3 songs now, her music teacher in school has her play in front of her whole class (which has boosted her self-esteem enormously) and she LOVES LOVES LOVES playing, and learning new songs with Sara.  


Sara is a REALLY good teacher - I can't believe what she has taught my daughter in such a short time.  She has a great personality,  really friendly, funny, smart, and amazing with kids.


I got real lucky finding her randomly... but I wanted to write this review so anyone else who may be like me who is looking for someone to teach piano, can be assured that Sara is the real deal."

Brian L, Massapequa, Long Island

"My daughter wants to keep taking lessons so that says it all..."

"Sara is a great teacher and a true professional. She really takes music theory seriously and has motivated my daughter to learn. Sara helped ME motivate my daughter to learn.


She clearly outlines expectations on a weekly basis. My daughter wants to keep taking lessons so that says it all. We appreciate her level of dedication and her patience with young students. Thanks to Sara, my daughter shows signs of wanting to be a lifelong learner at piano. She is clearly interested and motivated. Thanks Sara!"


Vinny R, Massapequa, Long Island


"If you want to learn to play the piano, trust me, look no further..."

"I'd recommend anybody with a love of piano and a will to learn, to get lessons from Sara Chatalbash. 

Sara is an incredible teacher who allows you to learn in a pressure-free environment and at your own pace. Anybody from a beginner and beyond can learn so much from just one lesson with her.

She is not only an incredible teacher, but she is an extremely talented and accomplished musician. Sara has such a burning passion for the Piano, and that is what makes her such an outstanding teacher.

You will find that most piano teachers are very strict in the curriculum they teach, but Sara Chatalbash lets you choose what kind of piano player you desire to be. She will teach you all the necessary tools such as technique, theory, etc. but in addition, if you want to learn jazz, classical, blues, pop, (you name it) she will not hesitate.

Overall it is an amazing experience getting lessons from Sara Chatalbash. She is funny, patient, a brilliant pianist and the greatest music teacher I've ever had! Don't hesitate with this one folks!


If you want to learn to play the piano, trust me, look no further. Plus, she's got a Cat!"

Teddy S, Garden City, Long Island


"I'm not quite as scared as I used to be when I sit in front of the piano anymore..."

"I started piano lessons because I love music and I wanted to learn to play an instrument as an adult. I chose piano because I love the way it sounds. I was looking for a local instructor who teaches adults. I found Chatalbash Lessons by a quick google search.


The website said it gave adult lessons and it offered a trial. It seemed like the perfect opportunity so I went for it. I’m very happy I took the plunge and started lessons here. It’s been a great experience. I’ve accomplished so much in just about 4 months of playing.


I was pretty clueless when I started. I had no experience playing piano. Now I’m reading music pretty well and I’ve learned some songs that would have been super intimidating just a few months ago.


My fingers have gained speed and strength and I’m not quite as scared as I used to be when I sit in front of the piano anymore.


I even performed in a recital, which I never thought I could do. Overall It’s been a great experience and I can’t wait to see where piano lessons bring me.


I would recommend Chatalbash Lessons to people of any age wanting to learn piano.Sara is my second piano teacher as an adult, and I'm so glad I found her before I got very far into my learning. In my first lesson, she showed me how to fix a bad habit I had already created of twisting my hands when playing some chords.


She is also teaching me to really read music, while my last teacher lets me get away with writing the note names on sheet music. Sara is also patient and encouraging. I feel confident that I am learning a strong foundation to build upon as I get further into my learning. I would definitely recommend Sara to anyone of any age who wants to learn piano."


Michael M, Massapequa, Long Island


"I've progressed much further then I ever would have on my own..."

"It's been 2 years since I made the decision to reach out to Sara for my first trial lesson at Chatalbash Lessons and I can undoubtedly say that not once have I ever regretted it.


I started as a beginner with Sara back in the summer of 2016 and I've progressed much further than I ever would have on my own. She's done a terrific job in helping me learn the fundamentals of playing piano as well as the music that I enjoy playing.


Despite the hard work and dedication that comes with learning and playing the piano, Sara's guidance makes learning piano easy and fun. She's everything you would want in an experienced piano teacher. Sara is an exceptionally talented pianist who's patient and understanding when it comes to learning the piano but she will make sure that you're focused on practicing and making progress.


She's always upbeat and excited to help her students learn and love the piano. Sara is an excellent teacher and an extraordinary pianist. (Seriously, you should hear her play.) She tailors her lessons based on her student's interests, skill level, and goals and she'll work with your schedule to fit in a weekly lesson time as best as she can.


She happily teaches kids, teens, and adults that are willing to learn and take their lessons seriously. Regardless of your skill level, if you're interested in learning to play piano or looking to improve your piano skills, Sara of Chatalbash Lessons is the right person for the job. I highly recommend Chatalbash Lessons to any aspiring piano player looking to learn or improve their piano skills." 


Jonathan E, Freeport, Long Island


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