Adult Piano Lessons on Long Island

Helping you play your favorite music, put smiles on your loved ones' faces, and become a hit at parties.

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piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island
piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island
piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island
piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island
piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island
piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island

"Each lesson is focused solely on the student... I always look forward to my next lesson"

Jonathan E, Freeport, Long Island

Thinking About Enrolling in Piano Lessons?

I get it, a lot of people are probably telling you-you're too old to learn piano.


But you have a different thought.


You've always wanted to play the piano, but you never really had the chance to do so. Or maybe you started playing when you were younger, but life got in the way.


Whatever the case is, I want you to know now's your time!


You're not a person who needs cute, fuzzy pictures in your books or candy land games. You want a teacher who can break things down in simple, easy to understand language.


I know that many adults are not trying to become the next Beethoven.


Which is why my piano lessons will give you the skills to play along to your favorite songs and be the person at the party who everyone keeps asking to sit down at the piano and play.

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Step 2. Come to weekly lessons, which are located in Massapequa.

Step 3. Enjoy the skill of being able to play the music you love, for life.

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This is for You If...

You want to find a piano teacher who’s exciting and offers variety...

You actually want to look forward to piano lessons...

You want to be the go-to piano person at all the parties...


You're tired of following other so-called "piano teachers" that just end up frustrating you...

You want to amaze your friends and family...

You want to have a say in the music you play...

You want a teacher who cares about your goals...

You want to learn from a teacher who's proven to get results...


Proven Formula

Personalized for Your Unique Goals


Adults who have little to no experience playing can expect to learn fundamentals of 


  • reading music 

  • basic rhythms

  • correct posture

  • hand shape 


As well as finger strength and speed while playing from method books, sight reading, and music I give you based on your interests. Skills and music theory will be learned with worksheets, flashcards, and even online apps they can use during the week.


Adults who are beyond beginner level will learn further


  • hand independence

  • coordination 

  • difficult note reading 

  • rhythms


As well as sight reading. We will focus more on dynamics and emotion. We will work on reading more difficult chords while incorporating music theory and improvisation to contemporary songs that interest you. 



Adults at a more advanced level will be learning


  • advanced  music

  • music theory

  • polyrhythms 

  • transposing 


As well as improving speed, sight reading, aural skills, chord progressions, memorization techniques, etc. If they are interested in auditioning for college as a music major or competing, I will start training them for whatever their goal is.


"I wouldn't be close to as good as I have gotten without her guidance..."

"I have been taking lessons with Sara for almost 2 years now.  When I first started I pretty much knew nothing about playing the piano. 

I chose Sara because she not only teaches children but adults as well. 
Sara has a great personality that can mesh with any age group.
She has a very effective way of getting her teaching point across and making sure you not only pick up on what she is teaching you but that you improve each and every week.   

She also puts on a recital every Christmas and a backyard get together every summer as a way to help build self-confidence and show friends and family what you've learned. 

I wouldn't be close to as good as I have gotten without her guidance.  
If you are serious about learning to play the piano you won't find a better choice for your teacher anywhere."


- Jeff F, Long Beach, Long Island


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