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We help everyday people play the song they love, amaze their family and friends, and sit behind any piano with confidence!

Takes Less Than 30 Seconds

These Aren't Your Grandma's PIANO LESSONS ⚠️ You Actually Gets to Choose

the Songs You Play

People who 1) Want to ♥️playing 🎹and be confident they'll sound good. 2) Want to meet other people who share the same interest 3) Who expect nothing less than the best when it comes to learning to play the piano 4) Who want to learn music 🎵that inspired them to want to play an instrument in the first place.

These Lessons Are For...

People who want to learn to play songs with ease; who want to amaze their family and friends and be confident when they sit behind the piano no matter the situation. 

People who are NOT stuck in the old ways of how grandma used to learn 😉. We'll get them playing their FAVORITE songs fast.

This is NOT for people who prefer to learn by themselves while watching a YouTube channel. No need for a teacher if you think they can do it by yourself [I'll just get you there much faster].

Takes Less Than 30 Seconds

What Happens After You Request Your Intro Lesson?


1st. Amy our assistant will reach out to you. To answer any questions and learn more about you.


2nd. Amy will let you know what intro lesson time slots are available and reserve your spot.


3rd. You'll come to your intro lessons meet Sara (your teacher) and begin your piano journey. 

Takes Less Than 30 Seconds

Sure, I Can Tell You I'm the GREATEST
Teacher in the World, but it's Not About ME, it’s About YOU!

Hear's What Other People Say 

Takes Less Than 30 Seconds

You're going to be amazed when you start playing along to your favorite songs.

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🤔 Why Choose Chatalbash Lessons When You Can Go to a Cheaper 🎵 Music School That's Much Closer to Your House?


It's NOT a lesson...it's an EXPERIENCE!

Music lessons generally take place in a small room and the teachers usually teach you what they want to teach...not what you want to learn. We FLIP that. We will teach you to play the songs that inspired you to learn to play in the first place!


Customized Programs have been created for you to learn IMMEDIATELY

We've created simplified methods to get you playing in no time. Our lessons build independence from the start, so students tend to level up in their books at a faster rate than the publisher advertises and are more confident at home. 


And Speaking of Community

Most music lessons are solo events that lead to you feeling like you're the only one taking lessons. This can be very discouraging. Our lessons allow you to interact with other students on a weekly basis, who have been exactly where you are at one point.

Takes Less Than 30 Seconds

Our Proven Formula Will Have You Running to Lessons like 🏃💨

Well not exactly like that, but you get the idea.

📚 Here's What You'll Learn



You can expect to learn fundamentals of

  • reading music

  • basic rhythms

  • correct posture

  • hand shape

As well as finger strength and speed while playing from method books, sight reading, and extra contemporary songs I give. Skills and music theory will be learned on and off the piano with the floor piano, card games, or online apps.



You'll learn further hand independence,

  • coordination

  • difficult note reading 

  • sight reading

  • rhythms

We'll focus more on dynamics and emotion. We will work on extended chord reading while incorporating music theory and improvisation to contemporary songs we select together.



You'll learn

  • advanced music

  • music theory

  • polyrhythms 

  • transposing

As well as improving speed, sight reading, aural skills, chord progressions, memorization techniques, etc. If you're are interested in auditioning for college, solo performing, or competing, I will begin training you for whatever your goal may be.

Takes Less Than 30 Seconds

You'll be Playing Along to Your Favorite Songs in No Time!

...why wait? Get your intro lesson today!

Simple Tuition

Like everything I do, my tuition is the

most transparent in the business. 

Elite Lessons


• Audition Required for Acceptance 

• Advanced Levels

• College Prep 

• Level 5-6 NYSSMA

• 1on1 Private Lessons

• Lesson Length: 60 mins

Power Lessons

only $ 219/mo

• Play the Music You Love

• Progress Faster

• Focus on Creativity 

• Builds Independence

• Focus on Enjoyment

• Beginner & Intermediate

• Builds Piano Confidence

• Lesson Length: 60 mins

About Power Lessons

Designed for beginner and intermediate players, this year-long program includes individualized teaching and practice in a lab setting with up to four students, with headphones at each station. Students in each class do not have to be at the same level since the class is not taught as a group. You'll receive individual attention and go at your own pace. All music is thoroughly learned at the lesson, which makes practice at home easier! Optional prep for NYSSMA levels 1-4 available.

Due to heavy emphasis on sight-reading and independence,  students tend to level up in their books at a faster rate than the publisher advertises and are more confident at home. 

About Elite Lessons

You'll receive individual 1-1 lessons. In these hour lessons, we focus on advanced music, college-level music theory, memory training, performance skills, and advanced technique. 


Students in Elite Lessons must consistently practice 6-7 hours each week to remain in the program. These lessons are geared towards students who are training for upper NYSSMA levels, are looking to train for music school auditions or competitions, or simply just play at an advanced level. 

Takes Less Than 30 Seconds

"(Sara) has taught my daughter so much in just a couple of months and her confidence is soaring because of it."

- Doreen L, Massapequa, NY

Meet Your Teacher: Sara Chatalbash

Sara Chatalbash, Owner/ Piano Teacher

As you can see from my adorable photograph below, I’ve been drawn to the piano since I could reach it.

My Grams, who was also a pianist, would sit me on the bench beside her and I’d listen to her play for hours (I miss her playing). 


She gifted me her beloved piano (the same one in the picture), and that's one of the reasons I decided to take piano lessons.


I wanted to be as good as Grams and make her proud. I’m sure many of you can relate.


I’m not going to bore you with details like... 

  • how many years I’ve been teaching

  • where I went to school

  • or what my favorite cereal is

But if that’s what you’re looking for, let me know and I’ll send you a link with my full list of credentials right away.


If you’re even the slightest bit curious about lessons, I'd invite you to get your intro lesson now. If you’re lucky, I’ll even tell you some random trivia during lessons that you’ll find borderline fascinating...


Let’s get you playing and make yourself, Mom and Grandma proud!

Welcome to the bottom of the page. This page has been a labor of love. Hopefully, you can see who we are what we're all about and why you'll love taking lessons here.

So don't put it off any longer. Grab your intro lesson below now while it's still fresh in your mind.👇

Takes Less Than 30 Seconds

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Maybe you were just about to close this page without getting your intro lesson. Maybe you have a question that I didn't answer here. If so, use the form below and ask away. Don't worry, I reply super fast so go ahead...


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