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Looking for a Piano Teacher on Long Island?

Here are 4 Things You Should Look For

 You can't throw a stone on Long Island without hitting at least five piano teachers. It can be hard to know which teachers are good, and which teachers you should stay away from. So I'm going to give you a short list of things you should look for in a piano teacher.


You should make sure your piano teacher,

  • Is formally trained and has a degree in music

  • Can teach all levels (beginner-advanced)

  • Teaches other genres

  • Actually, cares about your goals and is personable


Now if your teacher doesn't have all these qualifications I wouldn't say they're a bad person, but I would say that many are far less qualified than others.


 I don't think you'd want to take lessons from a teacher who's less than qualified, would you?... I didn't think so.


So let me ask you, would you ever want to,

  • Be able to play the piano at the next gathering and impress your family?

  • Be able to play any song you hear on the radio?

  • Be able to ace your college piano audition?

If you answered yes to any of these questions. Let me show you how I can help you reach your goals. In just a matter of months, I can have you playing better than people who've been playing for years.


Think It sounds too good to be? Click below now, get your free trial lessons, and let me show you that it's not. 

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What Other Parents Say about Me

"Sara is a MUST for younger kids. I watched most of the lessons she gave my daughter and was very pleased with how she interacted with her. She is kind, patient, understanding."

- Lydia Pataki, Wantagh, NY

"Leigha played in front of a LOT of people, she can play 3 songs now, her music teacher in school has her play in front of her whole class (which has boosted her self-esteem enormously) "

- Brian Lynch, Wantagh, NY

"Sara is fun!" my kids would say... ...Her love of music and teaching goes beyond the studio time. She is well organized, easy to reach and always willing to help. Great teacher!"


- Aniko Ramsaroop, East Meadow, NY

"Sara is a local professional piano teacher who has all her heart on her students. She is so patient and sweet that makes my daughter couldn't wait for her session every weekend."


- Wei Shan Zheng, Massapequa, NY

"She has taught my daughter so much in just a couple of months and her confidence is soaring because of it. She makes my daughter want to practice and learn even more and I am so pleased!


- Doreen Loewy, Bethpage, NY

"Sara is challenging but without any threat to the joy of playing music. It's clear that she takes real pleasure in sharing her knowledge. I'm really grateful to have found her."


- Beth Pearce, Hicksville, NY

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What Levels Do I Teach?


You can expect to learn fundamentals of,

  • reading music

  • basic rhythms,

  • correct posture

  • hand shape

As well as finger strength and speed while playing from method books, sight reading, and extra contemporary songs I give. Skills and music theory will be learned on and off the piano with the floor piano, card games, or online apps.


You will learn further hand independence,

  • coordination​

  • difficult note reading 

  • sight reading

  •  rhythms

We'll focus more on dynamics and emotion. We will work on extended chord reading while incorporating music theory and improvisation to contemporary songs we select together. If interested in NYSSMA, we will begin training for that as well.


You will learn

  • advanced music

  • music theory

  • polyrhythms 

  • transposing

As well as improving speed, sight reading, aural skills, chord progressions, memorization techniques, etc. If they are interested in auditioning for college, NYSSMA, or competing, I will begin training them for whatever their goal may be.

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