Simple Monthly Tuition

 Why is it that most other piano teachers don't make their tuition available on their websites? Yes, my tuition is slightly higher than average, but here's why:

Students get a private login to download tips, sheets, practice material, and music.

Each student receives customized lessons. You won't find any cookie-cutters here.

You get my 20+ years of experience combined with education from two music degrees. Most teachers don't have that level of music education or experience. 

Like everything I do, my tuition is the
most transparent in the business.


Elite Lessons


• Audition Required for Acceptance 

• Advanced Levels

• College Prep 

• Level 5-6 NYSSMA

• 1on1 Private Lessons

• Lesson Length: 60 mins

Power Lessons


only $ 249/mo

• Play the Music You Love

• Progress Faster

• Focus on Creativity 

• Builds Independence

• Focus on Enjoyment

• Beginner & Intermediate

• Build Piano Confidence

• Lesson Length: 60 mins

• One lesson per week

About Power Lessons

Designed for beginner and intermediate players, this year-long program includes individualized teaching and practice in a lab setting with up to four students, with headphones at each station. Students in each class do not have to be at the same level since the class is not taught as a group. Each student receives individual attention and goes at their own pace. All music is thoroughly learned at the lesson, which makes practice at home easier! Optional prep for NYSSMA levels 1-4 available.

Due to heavy emphasis on sight-reading and independence,  students tend to level up in their books at a faster rate than the publisher advertises and are more confident at home. 

About Elite Lessons

Students receive individual 1-1 lessons. In these hour lessons, we focus on advanced music, college level music theory, memory training, performance skills, and advanced technique. 


Students in Elite Lessons must consistently practice 6-7 hours each week to remain in the program. These lessons are geared towards students who are training for upper NYSSMA levels, are looking to train for music school auditions or competitions, or simply just play at an advanced level. 

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Transparent Tuition

What does tuition cover besides lessons?

Lesson Time

Lesson Prep

Recital Planning

Studio Subscriptions


Continuing Education

Taxes & Retirement


Studio Expenses

"If you want to make peoples jaw drop at parties because they can't believe how good you are, then these are the lessons for you!!!"


- Pete S, Copiague Long Island

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