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piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island
piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island
piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island
piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island
piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island
piano lessons, Massapequa, Long Island

"What my daughter has learned in a few months is amazing & her confidence is soaring because of it."

Doreen L, Wantagh, NY

Thinking About Enrolling Your Teen in Piano Lessons?

I get it, your teen has a lot of distractions. Cell phones, trips to the mall, puppy love and right about now those "boring" piano lessons have fallen pretty low on your teen's priority list. 


But what if I told you I could change that.


What if I told you I could eliminate the boredom blues and have your teen waiting in the car on lessons day, excited to go to lessons.


Are you thrilled, overjoyed, dying to find out more?


Here's the thing. Teens are cool individuals who want to express themselves, and they love my piano lessons because that's exactly what I encourage them to do. Instead of dusting off the sheets of old classical piano music, I teach them how to play their favorite tunes. Bruno Mars, Sean Mendez, and Rihanna just to name a few.


You name it, we play it, and have loads of fun while doing it!

Get Your Child Playing Piano in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1. Request your teen's intro lesson by Clicking Here and answering four questions

Step 2. Drop them off at weekly lessons, which are located in Massapequa.

Step 3.  They'll enjoy piano, along with the other life skills it will teach them.

Bring Out Your Teen's 
Inner Confidence!

Request their Intro Lesson now! Get started by answering a few simple questions. 

young male teen piano student walking away from keyboard smiling after performing at recital
young female teen sitting at piano reading sheet music smiling
young female kid piano student smiling holding award for mastering a new scale
young female teen piano student sitting playing keyboard outside at recital reading sheet music
young male teen beginner piano student smiling holding award for being a sight reading superstar

This is for Your Teen If...

You want to find a piano teacher who’s exciting and offers variety...

You actually want them to look forward to piano lessons...

You want your kids to have a talent that will last them a lifetime...


You're tired of following other so-called "piano teachers" that just end up frustrating you...

You want them to amaze their friends and family...

You want a teacher who cares about their goals...

You want them to learn from a teacher who's proven to get results...

Proven Formula:

Personalized for Your Teens Unique Goals


Teens who have never played before or are still starting out will learn the fundamentals of reading music as well as: 

  • basic rhythms

  • correct posture 

  • hand shape

  • finger strength and more

Teens will gain speed while playing from method books, sight reading, and songs they help select.  Skills and music theory will be practiced on and off the piano with card games, the floor piano, or online apps.



Teens who have passed beyond the beginner level will learn further

  • hand independence

  • coordination

  • difficult note reading

  • sight reading and rhythms


We'll also focus more on dynamic and tonality. We will work on extended chord reading while adding music theory and improvisation into the mix while learning contemporary songs we select together. I will also begin training for NYSSMA if interested.



Teens who are advanced players will learn advanced note reading and music theory. We will work on

  • polyrhythms

  • transposing

  • improving speed

  • sight reading


As well as aural skills, chord progressions, memorization techniques, etc. If they are interested in auditioning for music school, NYSSMA, or competing, I will begin training them for whatever their goal may be.

young female adult piano teacher Sara Chatalbash sitting at keyboard outside playing for students
young female teen piano student sitting at piano reading sheet music
young male teen piano student smiling holding award for practicing every day that week

The Benefits Go Far Beyond the Lesson

Piano lessons teach your teen how to concentrate, work hard and push themselves


It improves speech, reading ability, listening skills, and creativity


Teens become better at sensing feelings, emotions, and mood


Performing in public builds confidence


It’s a pretty amazing skill to have!

"Sara is a wonderful and encouraging teacher. She has taught my daughter so much in just a couple of months and her confidence is soaring because of it. Sara's beautiful playing and love of music makes my daughter want to practice and learn even more and I am so pleased. I highly recommend Chatalbash lessons."


Doreen L, Wantagh, Long Island

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